Family WiFi Timer +

Coverage Extender

Time - Schedule - BOOST!!

  • Schedule online times per individual.

  • Set an individual access time on the fly.

  • Flick WiFi off or on for an individual.

  • Plus, boost the coverage through your entire house with wireless mesh...all with one, simple to use, product.

  • No monthly subscription required*


FamTime means family time...

Take back control or your home WiFi,  from the palm of your hand, without ripping your router out of the wall.

No need to install software on family devices.

No device gets left behind!!

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 FamTime is an 'add-on' device to your existing Internet router, so no need to replace what you already use. You have control via your Android or Apple iOS device.

Each individual gets their very own WiFi network, which transmits from your new FamTime WiFi point.  There is no software to install as everyone just connects to their own WiFi, so no devices slips through the cracks... That sneaky device 'hidden under the bed' will still get controlled.


It's Fair!  If someone is doing their homework while someone else is supposed to be mowing the lawns then you can boot just that individual.


You control each individual's WiFi from your Android or Apple device.


Set daily schedules, one off access times or just turn it all off at diner time or until the dishes are washed...

FamTime can also be a booster (with additional units), spreading your controlled WiFi to all corners of the house via highspeed mesh.

"Big brother" doesn't control this device.  It is local only and not cloud based. It is only controlled by you and your FamTime app.

No monthly subscription required*

*Advanced subscription features are coming soon, but you will always be able to operate primary tasks without it.




Using the latest dual-band WiFi we create a high speed booster connections to create what's known as a "mesh" which greatly outperforms traditional 'boosters'


Use the Famtime app to create your new WiFi, setup child networks and boosters.



At just 15 watt maximum your FamTime isn't going to put a load on your power bill.



Developed in New Zealand, over 2 years, from a real need.  As parents we know what it can be like to lose kids to the wifi.


Easily control and setup all features from your smart device.  Works with Android and IOS


Works with all WiFi standard devices.