Frequently asked questions

Where do I download the app from?

From the App store or Google Play. Just search "FamTime" But please note, you will still need the FamTime hardware in order to use the app.

Can I control access from anywhere via the web?

No, there is no cloud access. All the smarts for this devices are loacted within the device itself. We did this as we think big brother shouldn't have control or access to your device. You alone will control it That said, an optional web based service may be offered later if there is demand for it.

Can kids be offline but still be able to access school work?

Yes, but not yet. This feature will be coming in a futre release.

I notice the network ports. Can these be used on a booster?

Yes indeed. It can be handy to have a remote network jack point. In the current version ports 1 and 5 are active. In a future release we will give the option of enabling these ports and also the ability to associate a port with a certain person.


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